Bathroom Vessel Sink  Statewide Granite Buying Guide 2020


Vessel sinks started to really gain popularity in the early 2000s. Since then, they have maintained steady interest among  Statewide Granite homeowners.

Some people find vessel sinks hard to keep clean, but others love the unique look they bring to a bathroom. Here are a few things to think about that may be important:

  • Avoiding certain materials and colors will reduce (or eliminate) the water spots you’ll see.
  • Consider your countertop height and how tall the sink will be once installed. Too high and it will be uncomfortable.
  • Aerated faucets reduce splash while washing your hands.
  • Cleaning around the back and base of the sink can be tricky. Leave enough room between the sink and wall during installation.
  • All-in-one vessel sink and faucet combos do the work for you if you’re having trouble deciding which faucet to pair with your sink.

Now, let's take a closer look at these points.

One of the complaints with vessel sinks is splashing from the water. This can be from a few different things, including the height of the faucet in comparison to the sink. The style of faucet may also produce a hard stream of water that causes splashing. Even with undermount sinks, splashing can occur, which is why you often see aerated faucets to combat this problem. Aerated faucets add air bubbles into the stream to reduce its strength. These faucets work well with vessel sinks.

In terms of color, people like to avoid colors that look easily-stained, like white. A vessel sink means you are primarily thinking about water stains or mineral deposits left behind when water dries. That means white is a good color, especially since it will match most decor schemes. That being said, one tip for a vessel sink color is to use something totally different from your toilet so you can add contrast and color in your bathroom.

What should you avoid? If you want it to look clean and beautiful, avoid clear glass since it shows everything.

Whether you're working on a remodel or building a new home, your vanity is a good way to mix things up and add more appeal to your bathroom. Vessel sinks are also fairly easy to install since they sit on the countertop. However, they do require a bit of planning.

A vessel sink means your sink will be an attention-grabber in the room rather than hiding and being out of sight. They add style and flavor by adding distinction to a countertop that is otherwise flat.