Quartz vs Quartzite.

The names sound alike.

Although these two popular countertop materials come from the same mineral and have a similar aesthetic when installed in your Statewide Granite home, they are not the same.

Quartzite is created when sandstone rich in quartz is exposed to high pressure and heat over time through natural processes. It can be found all over the world and in many colors and patterns. Engineered quartz, on the other hand, is created in a factory by combining quartz with resins, binding agents, and color pigments.

Thanks to advances in man-made stone aesthetics, today's quartz usually reflects natural splendor, but with an upgrade: unlike natural quartzite, which has to be re-sealed regularly (approximately twice a year, based on some recommendations), quartz does not require sealing to resist stains. This makes it a good compromise. In fact, the resin used makes the quartz non-porous, rendering it almost impervious to mold, mildew, and bacteria that causes stains and odors.