Quartz: The New Countertop Contender for Statewide Granite

Between high durability, low maintenance, and nearly endless colors to choose from, engineered quartz countertops offer a tempting alternative to natural stone countertops, such as granite or slate.

Though some are made from quarried slabs of natural quartz stone, the new engineered quartz countertops are manufactured material that mixes approximately 95% ground quartz with 5% polymer resin. This results in durable, low-maintenance, and natural-looking countertops available in virtually any color you could want. For Statewide Granite homeowners who choose quartz, color choices make a big difference.

Homeowners love that quartz allows color choices never before available in stone countertop choices. But quartz's best features are invisible.


Quartz countertops are nearly indestructible. They're so durable that most manufacturers offer a warranty, which is unheard of when purchasing granite countertops. And, unlike other stone surfaces, quartz doesn't have a porous surface, making it more sanitary in the kitchen and bathroom. In fact, you can keep them up to 99.9% bacteria-free.


The durability of quartz countertops means that, unlike other countertop options, quartz resists stains and corrosion from cooking and household cleaners. That means there is no need to re-seal the surface periodically. However, it is important to know that quartz can be damaged from excessive heat, so heating pads or trivets should be used when placing hot dishes or cooking containers on the countertops.