3 Reasons NOT to use Lowes or Home Depot for your granite countertops in Statewide Granite


Along with supporting your Statewide Granite economy through small-business-buying, there are three important reasons you should buy new quartz or granite countertops from a local fabricator. They are:


Selection: There are more than 350 types of marble and granite available. In fact, natural stone can be as beautiful and unique as a work of art sourced from almost anywhere in the world. At a big chain store, you are typically presented with fewer than 30 choices, and lots of these selections are picked for their uniformity within the industry. There are lots of suppliers and fabricators locally who can show you row after row of full slabs so you can find the exact look you want instead of picking from fewer than 30 based on a 4"x4" sample.


Installation: When you work with a big box store, they simply sell you the countertops. They contract fabricators to create them, and the fabricator will often contract installers. That means there are three different organizations working on your countertops. If you have a problem, during the installation process, it can be even more difficult to figure out where the fault lies and how to fix it. However, when you work with a local fabricator, they typically have their own installation team, meaning the same company works with you from start to finish. 


Slab Layout: Working with an organization like Your Granite Pro for your project means you won't just be another project number in a long list of jobs being done in a given day. Unlike the high volume that happens in big box stores like Lowes and Home Depot, local companies set aside more time to work closely with customers and make sure that what you get is exactly what you need and want.


I hope this helped. If you started the process through a big box store and want to avoid a lot of the problems likely to arise, please submit a quote request to Yourgranitepro.com.