What is a granite sink?


A granite composite sink is beautiful, durable, and priced reasonably for sink options and compliments most countertop materials.

Granite composite, which includes approximately 80% granite mixed with approximately 20% acrylic resin, looks and feels like natural granite, but is more uniform and cost-effective.

Granite composite can be found in lots of shapes, configurations, sizes, colors, and finishes to complement every Statewide Granite kitchen design imaginable.


Pure granite sinks are rare, which makes them expensive. You will typically have to choose your sink as you would a slab for countertops.

There are only a few commercially-produced pure granite sinks. The majority of them are actually granite or quartz composite. However, there are a couple of exceptions, such as from Barclay, but most of the time, "granite sinks" are composite rather than natural granite stone.


Pros and cons of granite composite

Like every sink material, there are pros and cons to granite composite.

Pros of granite composite sinks are: heat resistance, scratch resistance, and resistance to acid, chipping, water spots, and staining.

In addition, there are many matte color options, the sink has a long lifespan, and it provides the look and durability of natural stone for a fraction of the cost.


Cons of granite composite sinks

Extra installation support may be required

Require regular (but simple) maintenance

Lighter colors may show staining, the finish may dull from minerals in the water if not cleaned regularly. Granite composite sinks are basically identical to quartz composite sinks.


Granite sink vs. stainless steel sink

Granite sinks and stainless-steel sinks are about as different from each other as possible in sink choices.

Each has unique advantages and disadvantages.

Granite is less prone to experiencing damage and makes less noise during use compared to stainless steel.

Stainless steel is easier to maintain and more cost-effective compared to granite, but doesn't provide the durability and color options of stone.