Your Granite Pro 

We make it easy to find a granite fabricator professional serving Statewide Granite, Wisconsin for any remodeling or new home project you have. Instead of spending all your time and energy looking for professionals and then calling around to find the best solution, Your Granite Pro will find a professional for you! You may need help with building a new home or updating a kitchen countertop with a remodel, either way, we can help!

Statewide Granite

Granite countertops are one of the most popular changes that people make in their kitchens. Granite is unique, beautiful, and made specifically for your kitchen so it will always be the perfect fit.


Your custom countertop installation will stick to a predictable timeline with most fabricators and installers, but there are a few key decisions you need to make to keep things moving forward smoothly.


To make sure everything stays on schedule, here is the process:


1. Submit your measurements via the estimation tool above.


2. Receive your estimate in 10 minutes or less!


NOTE: The final quote/cost of your installation depends on the type of material you choose for your countertop.


Different colors and grades of granite or marble can vary a lot in price. The same is true for different materials like stone, Corian, Silestone, etc. In addition, the design elements you pick for the backsplash can impact the price.


3. Make an appointment with the fabricator so you can choose a countertop material.


4. Get the dimensions of your sink/faucet and kitchen appliance(s). The dimensions of your faucets and sinks, as well as every appliance, has to be considered before installing granite countertops. They have to fit the cabinets. Also, the slab size, cutouts, and seams depend on exact measurements. The earlier you shop and choose, the easier it will be to make sure this step goes smoothly.


5. Most projects require a 50% deposit before the work starts once you decide to move forward.


6. Schedule a time for the templates to be made so your countertop fabrication can start.


7. Schedule a date for the actual installation. Most of the time, your countertop installation will happen two or three weeks after you make your final choices and pay the deposit. Make sure you plan appropriately for this timeline.


8. Templates are created where the installation occurs. Make sure your existing countertops are clear so there's plenty of room to work.


9. The next step is fabrication. Your countertop material is purchased and cut according to the templates and edge design you chose.


10. The day before or the day of installation your old countertops will be removed. Sometimes, you will be responsible for removing the old countertops. Sometimes the installation team will remove them (for an extra charge). Make sure you know if you are responsible for removing the old countertops prior to installation.


11. The next step is the actual installation! Your sink and cooktop will be mounted. The adhesive used will need to cure for about 24 hours.


12. After the adhesive has cured, a plumber will hook up the sink, dishwasher, and cooktop. 


13. Even though your counters are sealed prior to installation, it's recommended that you re-seal them every year or two to get the maximum life out of them.